Vossmann Industrial Sdn Bhd
189, Jalan Gan Chai Leng,
Chai Leng Park,
13700 Perai,
Pulau Pinang, Malaysia.
+604-582 8007


Stainless Steel Close-Coupled Pump (MS)

Home Booster Pump With Press Control (CHL-PC)

Immersible Pump (CDLK)

Submersible Tubewell Pump (SJ)

End Suction Pump (NISO)

Sewage Submersible Pump (WQ)

Non-Clogging Self-Priming Sewage Pump (SP)

Stainless Steel Close-Coupled End Suction Pump

Vertical In-Line Pump (TD)

Two Pump In Serial Produce High Pressure (CDLF + CDH)

Vertical Multistage Pump (CDL)

CNP Pump Family

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